Consolidated turnover for 1st quarter 2016/2017 : Turnover up 3%


Toulouse,  the IGE+XAO Group announces:

Consolidated turnover for 1st quarter 2016/2017 (in IFRS norms)

(Period from 1st August 2016 to 31 October 2016).




Turnover up 3%



Over the first quarter 2016/2017, IGE+XAO has consolidated turnover of 6,387,301 euros compared to 6,203,669 euros in 2015/2016, which is an increase of 3%. Activity was particularly dynamic in Europe and with major international accounts.


Backed with the beginning of the financial period and the performance of the last financial period, which generated operational profitability and net profitability respectively of 25.6% and 19.1%, the IGE+XAO Group confirms its desire to strengthen its operations around its main strategic objectives for development:

-  innovation which is in particular present in the Group's dynamic policy in terms of R&D (25% of consolidated turnover);

- the opening of new markets with ,from an international standpoint, the creation of new subsidiaries and with the diversification of its offering through the launching of new product and service lines;

-  and the strengthening of partnerships in the continuity of the actions developed until now, with in particular the development of a network of business getters and the setting up of technical or commercial agreements with software publishers, manufacturers of electrical equipment or providers of additional services.


This proactive strategy is fully integrated into the Group's economic model that aims for growth and high profitability.







Seit über 31 Jahren betreibt die IGE+XAO Gruppe die Softwareentwicklung und den Vertrieb ihrer Produkte im Bereich der Computer Aided Design-Softwarelösungen (CAD), der Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) und der Simulation. Diese Softwareprodukte wurden entwickelt, um Planern bei der Konstruktion und Pflege elektrotechnischer Dokumentation zu helfen. IGE+XAO bietet eine Reihe von Elektro- CAD, PLM bzw. Simulation Softwarelösungen für alle Bereiche an: von der Einzelplatzlizenz bis zu Lösungen für komplexe Aufgabenstellungen. IGE+XAO beschäftigt weltweit 390 Mitarbeiter in 32 Niederlassungen und in 21 Ländern und hat mehr 88600 Lizenzen verkauft. Die IGE+XAO Gruppe ist ein Vorreiter in ihrer Branche. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter:

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