IGE+XAO becomes a “Unity”-certified partner of the CAPP Program (Collaborative Automation Partner Program) of Schneider Electric.

Toulouse, January 24th, 2005 – IGE+XAO announces that its SEE Electrical Expert software has met all the certification tests required by the Schneider Electric Unity partnership.

The Unity partnership is part of the CAPP initiative (Collaborative Automation Partner Program), whose objective is to maximize the productivity of Schneider Electric customers. Members of this program are companies which have demonstrated the interoperability of their products with the Schneider Unity platform.

The partnership with Schneider Electric offers a total compatibility between the electrical diagrams created with SEE Electrical Expert and the Schneider Electric PLCs. Thus:
· Input/Output cards layouts can be automatically generated and updated.
· Electrical diagrams output data can be fed back into Unity Pro.

This compatibility provides end users with shorten product development cycles and reduced errors.