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History and structure of the Group

The build-up of the IGE+XAO Group is the result of a deliberate policy centered on steady and controlled acquisitions. This has led to a complete range of Electrical CAD software packages.




Creation of a subsidiary in Brussels, Belgium.

Creation of a sales office in Moscow, Russia.


Creation of a subsidiary in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Creation of a subsidiary in São Jose dos Campos, Brazil.



Acquisition of the remaining 51% of IGE+XAO Danmark A/S.
Acquisition of 80% of Prosyst SAS.
Headquarters moving-out to ZAC Ramassiers - Colomiers


Creation of a new office in Tarnow, Poland.


Creation of a subsidiary in Turkey


Launching of a wide Chinese sales network based on 3 IGE+XAO commercial agencies and 14 business partners.
Creation of a new office in Wadowice, Poland.


Creation of a subsidiary in Madagascar.


Creation of a subsidiary in Morocco.


Creation of a subsidiary in China.
Creation of a development subsidiary in Tunisia.


Creation of S2E CONSULTING with the Sogeclair Group
Creation of EHMS with Labinal
Acquisition of Compodata


Creation of IGE+XAO USA in Dallas, Texas
Creation of a sales office in Nanjing, China
Purchase of Hibatec, Switzerland.
Signature of a wordlwide partnership with Schneider Electric


Purchase of the remaining 49% of CAE Development Aps shares.


Signature of a technical and commercial partnership with Dassault Systèmes with regards to the design of electrical harnesses.


Acquisition of 19% of the French company Anyware Technologies SA, created less than two years ago and whose speciality is a software workshop to develop computer applications for the Internet.
Creation of a second commercial agency in Munchengladbach (Germany).


Acquisition of several companies:
- the French company INGEDATA DEVELOPPEMENT SARL at a total cost of € 245,442.91 (100% of the capital),
- the Dutch company TESSDATA BV for a part payment of € 691,475 and the balance, conditionally, for € 216,085 (100% of the capital),
- the Danish company CAE DEVELOPMENT APS acquired for € 587,986 (51% of the capital),
- and a further Danish company CADdy DENMARK A/S (49% of the capital) at a cost of € 51,129.
Creation of the SA SEE PL@NET, 90% held by the Company, in which the objective is to ensure the development and marketing of software programmes for use on the Internet.


Acquisition of the Calculating Software C15-100 (VASCO ) from SOCOTEC.
Creation of the subsidiary IGE+XAO Software Vertrieb GmbH in Germany.
Distribution of the first dividends.


Creation of IGE+XAO Limited in a suburb of London (England ).
Launching of the new generation of the company's software packages (SEE range, Software for Electrical Engineering) comprising the programmes SEE 4000, SEE 3000 and SEE 2000 dedicated to large industries, to PME/PMI and small enterprises respectively.
New organisation based on a new company project ( SEE WORLDWIDE ).


IGE+XAOChairman change: Mr. Alain Di Crescenzo succeeds Mr. Charles Baudron.
Dissolution of La Foliothèque SARL after ceeding its assets to IGE SA. The creation of a company under the collective name of Winsoft Elec. Diffusion, with a view to regrouping the French sales teams.
Creation of two commercial agencies, one in a suburb of London (England) and the other in Toronto (Canada).


Listing of IGE+XAO on the 'Nouveau Marché' of the Paris Bourse.
Creation of a sales subsidiary in Canada.
Creation of different sales offices in Madrid (Spain), in Tournai (Belgium) and in Rastatt (Germany).
Acquisition of Schneider Electric Group and its CAO Electrical business called Handel which is at the very heart of different brands ( Handel, Hcontrol and Hdesign.)
Liquidation of Vectra Informatique.


Setting-up of the IGE+XAO Holding.
Creation of a sales subsidiary in Gdansk (Poland).
Take-over of IA Micro and its Win-Elec software. Acquisition of 34% of the shares of Vectra Informatique a distributor of computing equipment, ensuring on behalf of the group, services for hardware equipment. Acquisition of Mayridis Voyages becoming the group's internal travel agent.


Opening of a sales representative office in Germany.

Creation of a development subsidiary in Bulgaria.


Opening of a sales representative office in Spain (Barcelona).

Creation of the Company "La Foliothèque", a subsidiary whose business is the electronic re-copying of existing electrical plans, using the Group's software products.


Take-over of Alpage Ingénierie, designer of Alpage-Elec, the electrical CAD software on AutoDesk©'s graphic editor (AutoCad©).

Opening of a sales subsidiary in Italy.


Take-over of XAO Industry, a company specialising in Electrical CAD software products for work-stations and originating from one of Amine's research centres. The product designed by this company, Xelec, is a sophisticated product which has resulted in an increase in the number of customers in large industrial groups.
Group's key figures : 3,600 licenses sold, sales of € 6.1 millions.


A subsidiary of the Courtois Bank « Rémusat Investissements », part of the « Credit du Nord » Group, invests in IGE S.A., acquiring 7% of the capital. Opening of an agency in the Paris area.


More than 1,500 licenses sold, sales of € 1,524,500


Creation of a programming structure in Krakow (Poland) in co-operation with the local university. Since its creation, this structure has attracted the best computer engineers in the country.


The Regional Institute for Industrial Development (IRDI) invests in IGE S.A., acquiring 25% of the Capital.


Mr. Charles Baudron and J Marc Lalane establish the company IGE S.A. and designs "Schema" software package.