Annual accounts

2013-06-27 11:00:00
  IGE+XAO is enjoying acceleration in its activities over the 4th quarter of 2011/2012, with turnover amounting to 6,131,260 euros compared to 5,722,431 euros one year ago, which is an increase of 7,1%. The quarterly activity in particular benefitted from the strong dynamism in Northern Europe and in Asia. ...
2011-07-31 03:00:00
Annual consolidated account as of July 31, 2011
2010-07-31 03:00:00
2009-10-29 08:00:00
  Despite the severe global economic downturn, IGE+XAO will posts a turnover of €21,788,488, increasing by 1% in comparison with last year. Steady business performance in the first half of the year alleviated the effects of the software market slowdown in...
2009-05-29 08:00:00
  IGE+XAO has recorded a net profit of 3,298,018 euros compared to 2,415,019 euros during the previous year (+36.6%) and a net margin of 15.3%*. The current operating income has reached 3,398,428 euros, compared to 3,237,271 euros in 2006/2007 (+5%). The...
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