The SOGECLAIR and IGE+XAO Groups create S2E CONSULTING,a company dedicated to systems and electrical engineering consultancy

Toulouse, November 15th, 2006 – The SOGECLAIR (Eurolist - ISIN FR0000065864) and IGE+XAO Group (Eurolist - ISIN FR 0000030827) announce that they have created a joint venture with the objective of selling diagnostic, consulting and assistance services dedicated to systems and electrical engineering processes. This company, called S2E CONSULTING (Systems and Electrical Engineering Consulting), is equally owned by the IGE+XAO and SOGECLAIR Groups.

S2E CONSULTING targets, in particular, major worldwide accounts in the aeronautics, automotive, ship building and automation industries. With the use of an increasing number of electromechanical and electronics equipments, the complexity of the interconnections is now becoming more complex. That is to say, systems and electrical engineering processes become extremely critical and therefore strategic.

The respective expertises of the two companies, software design for IGE+XAO and consulting and assistance for SOGECLAIR, will allow S2E CONSULTING clients to benefit from strong added-value services. This joint venture will entitle them to get support, from the requirements analysis to the implementation of corrective actions or new processes.

For Alain Ribet, S2E Consulting CEO, "through its team, S2E Consulting will help industrial customers, from the tools-methods choice and process definition (design and engineering) to the quality assurance organisation. Right from the beginning, the strong professional expertise of S2E Consulting ensues from the long experience and perfect product knowledge of the new team".

For Alain Di Crescenzo, IGE+XAO Group CEO, "the creation of this company underlines our strategic willingness to provide our customers with global solutions meeting both their short term and medium term challenges".

For Philippe Robardey, SOGECLAIR CEO, "by offering an independent expertise in the electrical engineering, installation and integration fields, we allow industrial companies to benefit from a recognised know-how."

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