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Toulouse, 5 February 2008 – The IGE+XAO Group announces the sale of its 11% shareholding in the company Anyware Technologies, following Anyware's acquisition by Wavecom, a specialist in integrated wireless communication solutions. In selling its shares, IGE+XAO is acting with all Anyware Technologies' shareholders and management.

Anyware, an innovative Toulouse-based company, was created in 2000, and the Group has been a shareholder from the outset, investing capital of €304,000 and supporting the company both technologically and financially. Anyware Technologies now supplies advanced software solutions, particularly for embedded software, Web technologies and information systems.

The disposal has netted IGE+XAO a cash payment of €1,100,000 plus an extra €55,000 in escrow as a guarantee against liabilities. In addition, a further payment of up to €220,000 will be made during 2009, once certain targets have been achieved.

"We are happy with this acquisition, which represents a real opportunity, in both technology and business terms, for Anyware Technologies. As regards intelligent solutions, the company will benefit both from synergies in expertise and from industrial complementarity", said Alain Di Crescenzo, the Chairman and Chief Executive of IGE+XAO.

IGE+XAO will lose neither expertise nor customers by the disposal, which will enable it to accelerate its 2008 investment programme.

Toulouse, February 5th, 2008 – The IGE+XAO Group announces the launch of SEE Freedom an innovative offer for the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) market. This "all-inclusive" offer includes access to the software package, training (initial and update training), hotline, as well as all the new releases (minor and major).

SEE Freedom is built around SEE Electrical, the IGE+XAO Group software package which covers all small and medium businesses requirements in electrical schematics. Available in three versions "Basic", "Standard" and "Advanced", SEE Electrical is the ideal tool that can evolve according to customers needs.

The "Basic" level fits all industries and offers an interesting number of functionalities at a very attractive price. The "Standard" level includes, in addition to the "Basic", numerous functions which allow the creation and management of electrical schematics with maximum productivity. Hence, the "Advanced" level includes advanced functionalities (PLC input/output management, automatic plan generation…) which permit the management of complex projects.

Sold successfully for several years in a large number of countries, SEE Electrical has attracted users due to its ease-of-use and intuitive functions. The polish magazine "Inzyniering i Utrzymanie Ruchu" has recently recognised SEE Electrical as the "Product of the Year", in particular for its excellent ergonomics.

"With this new offer, medium-sized companies will produce electrical projects more quickly with a very good quality level. The SEE Freedom business model clearly answers very small and small businesses expectations: covering with one monthly fee is the use of the software package, as well as the associated training and maintenance agreement. At a purely financial level, we have defined a monthly fee that allows the immediate generation of significant margins. In conclusion, with this new commercial offer starting at 59.90 euros per month, Electrical CAD has never been so accessible to small and medium-sized companies" declared Alain Di Crescenzo, Chairman of the IGE+XAO Group.

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