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* Including €11,7 million invoiced from France (€11,2 million in 2009/2010) with the understanding that this amount also includes billing abroad issued from France within the framework of the activities tied to the distribution networks and to the major international key accounts.

Toulouse, 15th June 2011. The IGE+XAO Group announces:

Over the first nine months of the period, IGE+XAO had accumulated revenue of 16,601,539 euros, which is a 4,4% increase compared to the previous year. The 3rd quarter had growth of 4% at €5,748,394; this change can be appreciated even more since the revenue over the same period one year earlier was already up, stimulated by the preliminary signs of a recovery.

In parallel, IGE+XAO is taking advantage of this good resistance of the business and of the profitability that is up sharply to accelerate its operating plan in France as well as abroad. From a product standpoint, special attention has been devoted to the commercial launching of the new versions of SEE Electrical V6 and SEE Electrical Expert V4 products. Internationally, IGE+XAO is anticipating its action plan for 2011/2012, aiming to create three new sites abroad. Thus the Group will create a new subsidiary in Turkey this summer and subsidiaries in Russia and South America in 2012.

Finally, from a financial standpoint, IGE+XAO has solid fundamentals with an operational profitability of more than 20% and available cash of €18.8 million at 31st January 2011. This will enable the Group to achieve its objectives to open up new markets while still retaining good profitability.

Toulouse, 06 June, 2011 –   The IGE+XAO Group announces the launching of SEE Electrical V6R1.  SEE Electrical covers all the requirements in Electrical CAD for small and medium companies in the Capital goods and Automation markets. Available in three versions, "Basic", "Standard" and "Advanced",      SEE Electrical can evolve with customers’ requirements on one hand, and on the other address companies investment capacity.

The new V6R1 version brings new added value functionalities. First, this new version offers the «ribbon technology» (Microsoft Office 2007 «look and feel»). Ribbons help users find, understand, and use commands efficiently and directly, with a minimum number of clicks.
Second, over 100 new features or enhancements have been implemented such as:
- «Cover sheet» drawing type now available in project explorer - Enhanced handling of cross references
- Multiple wire enhancements (for example specific potential names for connections to motors, PLC I/Os and sensor)
- Build contact mirrors for coils without a type
- Multiple page copy in one step
- Automatic generation of cable names
- Translation of part strings
- Management of connectors
- Improved graphical lists
- Positioning of several types attached to one component (Cabinet module)
- Scale cabinet symbol to defined size (Cabinet module)

Hence, new modules are being offered. The "Excel export/import" module which enables efficient data exchange (export of several database lists at once) and saves data entry time (import of Excel lists). The second module is "3D Cabinet". Used with SolidWorks 3D CAD, this IGE+XAO plug-in connects full 3D functionality to user-friendly SEE Electrical V6R1 circuit diagram designing application. Various automatic controls avoid panel mounting fitting errors.
To get more information about this new version and access the full list of new functionalities, please connect to

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