Schneider Electric and the IGE+XAO Group sign a worldwide partnership.

Rueil Malmaison, June 28th 2006 – Schneider Electric and the IGE+XAO Group announce that they have signed a partnership for their respective software offers, SISpro Building v2 and SEE Building LT. For this partnership, IGE+XAO has adapted SEE Building LT (design of electrical schematics dedicated to the building market) so as to make it interactive with SISpro Building v2, a software package dedicated to electrical panel configuration for the services industries.

Thanks to the IGE+XAO package, Schneider Electric customers will be able to generate single-line electrical diagrams for each panel designed with SISpro building.

The two software applications will be distributed by Schneider Electric, which is forecasting to distribute 6000 copies during the first year, in particular in France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Bulgaria.

A long term cooperation
With this partnership, Schneider Electric provides its customers with more productivity and efficiency. By expanding its customer software offer, the Schneider Group offers added value on a daily basis. The image and recognized know-how of Schneider Electric's will benefit the IGE+XAO Group, which will see an increase in the distribution of SEE Building LT software world-wide.

In addition, Schneider Electric and IGE+XAO announce a common ambition. Together, they plan to develop new packages: building professionals will therefore be able to take advantage of the joint strength and effective offers in electrical distribution.

"Through this partnership, Schneider Electric and IGE+XAO provide their customers with a simple and impressive offer that answers their needs for improvement in productivity and quality. This agreement, signed with a reference such as Schneider Electric, also confirms our willingness to become a major player on the market of the Computer Aided Design software dedicated to the Building Industry" said Alain Di Crescenzo, IGE+XAO Group CEO.

For Patrick Bouteiller, Schneider Electric's Customer Software & e-Business Senior Vice-President, "IGE+XAO provides us with an expertise in electrical schematics recognized world-wide. Our goals are complementary and allow us to think this partnership as a long-term partnership".

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