The Directors of French Naval Shipbuilding chooses IGE+XAO

Following several tests and presentations, in which the main publishers of Computer Aided Design software dedicated to the electrical market (Electrical CAD) participated, The Directors of French Naval Shipbuilding (DCN) has selected the IGE+XAO offer with the intention of carrying out the design of electrical diagrams and cabling plans for it's ships and submarines.

IGE+XAO was notified of the tender proposal within a public framework.
The IGE+XAO offer relates, in one part, to the supply of its top of the range software, SEE 4000, and also to its software built on the VISIO by Microsoft framework.

IGE+XAO will also be responsible for the integration of its software into the DCN information system.
From a financial point of view, this deal represents the most significant ever concluded by IGE+XAO, with a discounted turnover of about 7 million French francs over three years.

DCN, which builds and maintains the armed vessels of the French navy and some foreign navies, representing some 15 000 employees, will be equipped with IGE+XAO's software at the following sites: Lorient, Cherbourg, Brest, Nantes, Toulon and Angoulême.
With The Directors of French Naval Shipbuilding, the latest large account to have chosen the SEE 4000 software, following on from Volkswagen Utility Vehicles, Germany (June 2001) and MIKKRON (July 2001), IGE+XAO has confirmed both the competitive advantage of its offer and the quality of its teams.
These references add to the list of the most prestigious names in industry to have chosen IGE+XAO, such as PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault, Michelin, Thalès, Schneider Electric, Danone, Chantier de l'Atlantique, HydroQuebec, Bombardier ABB, Kodak,… reinforcing IGE+XAO's strategy: to become the industrial standard for Electrical CAD software.

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