The IGE+XAO Group has participated in Schneider Electric's "Initi@tive" events in China, Thailand and Turkey.

The IGE+XAO Group participated in Schneider Electric's Initi@tive events in China, Thailand and Turkey.

The IGE+XAO Group was one of the few companies within the field of Electrical Computer Aided Design (CAD) to be an exhibitor at the China Initi@tive event which was held between February 20th - 24th in Shanghai. Close to 2,400 visitors participated in this unique opportunity.

This exhibition allowed the IGE+XAO Group to demonstrate the total compatibility between IGE+XAO's SEE Electrical Expert and the Unity platform. In early 2005, the IGE+XAO Group became a certified "Unity Partner". For the users this means that the partnership with Schneider Electric demonstrates total compatibility between the electrical diagrams created with SEE Electrical Expert and the Schneider Electric PLCs.

Prior to the event in China, the IGE+XAO Group also participated in Initi@tive events which were held in Thailand, Turkey, Spain and France. In Thailand the event (held between December 6th - 8th) welcomed 1,500 customers from Schneider Electric representing several Asian countries. In Turkey, the event had brought together 2,000 visitors from the Middle East. The IGE+XAO was the only company in the field of Electrical CAD who participated to this event.

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