TTP LabTech speeds up electrical design with IGE+XAO's SEE Electrical.

TTP LabTech speeds up electrical design with IGE+XAO's SEE Electrical.

Toulouse, 17th October, 2007 – The IGE+XAO Group announces that TTP LabTech has selected IGE+XAO's SEE Electrical in order to speed up the electrical design process. TTP LabTech, with headquarters in Cambridge (United Kingdom), designs, develops, manufactures and markets novel instrumentation and systems for the healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Products include sample management, covering screening and liquid handling systems. TTP LabTech is part of the TTP Group one of the world's most successful technology companies.

Focusing on speeding up the electrical design process, TTP LabTech conducted a thorough survey of CAD software publishers. The requirement was to find a "true" Electrical CAD package which would be cost effective, easy to learn and easy to use. Another key element was to get the assurance of a "good technical support with approachable and friendly people to talk to" says Simon Tullett, Control Engineering Manager at TTP Labtech.

As a result of this comprehensive survey, TTP LabTech selected SEE Electrical, IGE+XAO's package dedicated to the medium to low range of Electrical CAD software applications. SEE Electrical has become very popular worldwide, due to its three levels (Basic, Standard and Advanced) and its upgradeability, which allows the software to evolve in line with customer requirements. "SEE Electrical was the most cost effective. It met all the functionalities TTP LabTech required and the price was attractive. Since the original purchase, it has been an easy and painless transition to SEE Electrical Advanced which provides a wealth of features" says Simon Tullett.

After extensive usage, TTP LabTech clearly enjoys the benefits brought by IGE+XAO's software package. "SEE Electrical has allowed us to produce our electrical diagrams much quicker than before. It is a professional electrical design package so modifying and maintaining the drawings has become much easier. The quality of the drawings (combined with the skill of the users) is of the highest level and promotes the professional quality we strive for."

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