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INDUSTRIES: a complete software range for electrical engineering


8 strategic industries


The IGE+XAO Group has defined 8 strategic industries: 

The Group objective is to provide software packages tailored to each industry (environment, working methods, etc.).

The Group aims to offer a complete portfolio for each business size (SMEs, SMB and large corporations). This means that the Group can cover requirements that go from simple electrical schematics to PLM (Product Lifecycle Management).


6 domains

For each industry, the offer has been segmented in 6 domains:

  • Electrical design (the core business of IGE+XAO)
  • System design
  • Electrical manufacturing
  • Data management
  • Communication
  • and Simulation


Discover the product range for your industry:


Discover  the product range for your industry

Construction Automation & Plant Power generation & Energy Automotive Aerospace Shipbuilding Railway Equipment & machinery aerospace Automotive Railway equipment-machinery automation & plant Power generation & Energy Construction Shipbuilding SEE System Design SEE Electrical PLM SEE Electrical Expert SEE Electrical SEE Electrical LT SEE Calculation SEE Electrical Building SEE Cabling SEE Project Manager SEE Electrical Equipment Definition SEE Compodata SEE Electrical Jigboard SEE Electrical Harness Manufacturing SEE Electrical Panel Manufacturing Aerospace Automotive Railway Shipbuilding Equipment & machinery Automation & Plant Power generation & Energy Construction


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