Advantages of Electrical CAD



Historically, electrical schematics were drawn by hand. Electrical project design required a lot of time and lead to numerous design errors.


In the 80's electrical drawing software packages appeared. These packages allowed to "draw" electrical schematics with lines and symbols. Electrical projects became more professionnal and time savings were achieved (about 20%) in particular with copy/paste of existing blocks.


Then, in the 90's electrical CAD packages appeared.

These packages help achieve up to 60% time savings  with functionalities such as:

- component automatic numbering,

- easier component selection with standard component and symbol catalogues,

- automatic terminals, cable and panel plans generation

- automatic equipment and cables list generation,

- data exchange with other packages (mechanical CAD, ERP, PDM as well as professional software - PLC programming, labelling, panel manufacturing, cable cutting, documentation, archiving, cost calculation, etc.),


With our online calculator, discover how much you could save with an Electrical CAD package.


Test for free SEE Electrical for 30 days.

- Synchronisation bidirectionnelle de l’environnement ;

- Mise à jour de l’environnement « local » en accord avec l’environnement « de référence » (stocké sur le serveur) ;

- Mise à jour manuelle ou automatique de l’environnement ;

- Les extractions (symboles, références matériels … ajoutés ou modifiés dans l’environnement « local ») peuvent être envoyées à l’administrateur de l’environnement pour validation et mise en place sur le serveur de l’environnement « de référence ».

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