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For questions or technical problems on our products, we advise you to visit our client area. You will find many FAQs and technical notes.


Questions and Answers for SEE Electrical Expert  a leading Electrical CAD software


Q: Is SEE Electrical Expert better than SEE Electrical?

A: SEE Electrical Expert has a more complex set of methods for deciding how elements are handled in the drawings. It also links into PLM and 3D harness modules to continue other parts of the design. Also, if you’re working as part of a large project, SEE Electrical Expert may be specified and an environment containing all the expected standards and symbols may have been produced. This can save a whole load of time setting things up. This is less likely with See Electrical, which is a lower cost control system design package, though very capable in itself.


Q: Does SEE Electrical Expert include the harness package?

A: For SEE Electrical ‘Expert’ the packages normally sold are ‘Control Package’ or ‘Harness Package’. You choose one or the other. The harness package includes the controls, synoptic (single line), and cabling modules.


 Q: My requirements include life cycle management, block diagram, schematic, 3D Catia design and harness drawing for production. Which product would you recommend?

A: it sounds like the SEE Electrical Expert product would be the most suitable.



Q: Do you have an interface between SEE Electrical Expert and Siemens Teamcenter?

A: Yes we do. Projects and associated documents are stored and managed into Siemens Teamcenter PDM. Projects can be managed from SEE Electrical Expert and/or Siemens Teamcenter.


Q: Does SEE Electrical Expert allow to save files in AutoCAD format?

A: Yes, with the DXF module you can import and export to DXF/DWG formats.


Q: Can I take some cabinet and cubicle drawings from AutoCAD 2015 and import them into SEE Electrical Expert.

A: Yes, but you have to make sure you have purchased the DWG/DXF module. If it’s not available in the ‘File’ menu you may need to speak to the sales team to add this feature.


Q:   Can SEE Electrical Expert read Xelec files? 

A: Yes, there is a migration route from Xelec to See Electrical Expert.


Q: Is there a programming interface for SEE electrical Expert 

A: There is a VBA programming interface, but it is not available to customers since the implementation is not easy. However, specific requirements can be answered with this tool through our service offer. Please contact our sales team for more information.

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