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SEE Electrical Expert Additional Modules


• Terminals :

- terminal strip management;
- automatic terminal and terminal strip tagging;
- management of different types of terminal (disconnect, fuses, diodes, stepped, etc.);
- cable selection assistance (types, wire numbers, colours,...);
- terminal sheet automatic generation;
- cables and interconnection automatic generation;
- navigation between schematic and terminal strip diagrams.



• Synoptic :

(includes the features of "Terminals" module)

- installation synoptic design (localisation, cable and terminal strip graphical management; navigation);
- terminal automatic creation and cabling;
- automatic terminal and cable insertion in the schematics;
- multi-connection terminals;
- automatic bridge and neutral management;
- connector management;
- between enclosures cabling list import;
- automatic management of cable lists;
- creation and automatic insertion of symbols on the connections*;
- graphical cabling list*;
- assistance with the cabling of complex installation*.


* These features are also included in the Harness Package.




• Harness Documentation :

- logical and physical (2D) electrical harnesses design;
- positioning of accessories;
- automatic routing of cables and wires into the harness according to the schematics;
- automatic calculation of harness wire and cable lenght and branch diameters.



- management of PLC configurations;
- networks and field buses management (remote input/output);
- automatic generation of racks and input/output cards schematics;
- import/ export of input/output lists;
- input/output card updating.


• Panel :

- equipment placement and collision control;
- associative dimensioning;
- rail and wireway management;
- enclosure selection assistance;
- navigation between panel layout and schematic diagrams.

• Parts List :

- automatic generation of bill of materials and cabling lists;
- multi-criteria sorting and filtering;
- user defined page layouts (multiple templates available);
- generation of terminal block tags for engraving machines.


• Part List Manager :

(includes the features of "Parts List" module)

- MS SQL Server equipment database;
- part list management (evolution between 2 revisions);
- equipment list importing (pre-part list);
- advanced research tools in the equipment catalogue (for SEE Web Catalogue service suscribers).


Environment Manager:

- bidirectional environment synchronization;
- «local environment» update according to «reference environment» (stored on server);
- manual or automatic environment update;
- extractions (symbols, part numbers… added or modified in the local environment) can be sent to environment administrator for validation and implementation on the server «reference environment». 


 • Options & Variants:

- multiple configuration management in a unique folder;
- validity tagging for symbol connections or connection points;
- hierarchical options/variants; validity defined as a Boolean expression;
- schematics and data export filtering.



• Panel Manufacturing:

(includes the features of "Panels" module)

- wire routing in the cabinet;
- wire length calculation;
- wireway filling rate calculation;
- automatic cabling wire list;
- drilling layout generation.


•  3D Panel Manufacturing:

schematic and 3D panel design integration;
- fast 3D placement of all equipment;
- automatic snap-to-rail feature;
- collision detection;
- consistency check with the schematic diagram;
- import/export support for DWG/DXF, IGES, STEP and STL.
- advanced wire routing features;
- optimal wire lengths calculated;
- manufacturing reports to support drilling plans and wire cut lists;
- direct output for CNC tools.


•  Cabinet Thermal Calculation:

- allows for checking the heat properties of cabinets;
- calculates the power dissipation of all equipment;
- calculates the ventilation or cooling required to balance temperature increases.


•  Harness Manufacturing:

(includes the features of the «Harness Documentation» module)

- harness drawing to scale to insert them in production tables (formboard/jigboard);
- control of the binding radius of the branches;
- formboard table splitting in different areas;
- wire grid insertion at the harness extremities;
- branch diameter display.


 End Fitting :

 - definition of equipment associated to wire end-fittings.



• Concurrent Engineering :

- simultaneous work of several users on the same project;
- conflict management (simultaneous access to data);
- modifications made by other users are instantly seen;
- online discussions (chat) tools.


• Translation :

- project translation in different languages;
- multi-lingual project management.


• DXF/ DWG :

- DXF format (AutoCAD) and DWG Importation/Exportation.


• Open Data :

- data export for quick and easy editing of project data with Excel or any other application;
- data imported back with consistency control.


• PDM Connect :

- electrical data export for integration in PDM tools (ERP, Teamcenter - Siemens, Windchill - PTC, SAP…).


• SmarTeam Integration :

- projects and associated documents storing and management into Enovia SmarTeam PDM;
- project management from SEE Electrical Expert and/or Enovia SmarTeam.


• Solidworks ePDM Interface:

- project and attibute storing and synchronization in SolidWorks Enterprise PDM.


• Interfaces Catia , SolidWorks, Creo, NX, Inventor :

- equipment and cabling list export.


• Data Extractor :

- XML format customized data export.




• SEE Web Catalogue:

- online equipment catalogue with more than 700,000 equipment codes, 900 manufacturers and 20,000 specific equipment symbols.


 • SEE Part libraries:

- on demand specific equipment creation service.


• SEE Viewer  and SEE Viewer Premium:

          - document viewing and printing.


SEE Generative View and Automatic Diagram Generation:

          - electrical project automatic creation.


 • SEE Project Manager and SEE Project Manager LT:

           - document management.



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