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SEE Electrical Expert : News V4R2


More productivitiy
More opening towards the outside !

New modules!

SEE Electrical Expert Environment Manager


SEE Electrical Expert Harness Manufacturing


- Time saving and productivity improvements (synoptic, multi-level terminals, hyperlinks, checks...)


- Intelligent PDF export
- Multilanguage ("full" new  multilanguage project structure)
- New editing mode for collaborative work


- Schematic and 3D panel design integration
- Fast 3D placement of all equipment
- Automatic snap-to-rail feature
- Collision detection
- Consistency check with the schematic diagram
- Import/export support for DWG/DXF, IGES, STEP and STL.


(Includes the features of the «3D Panel» module)

- Advanced wire routing features
- Optimal wire lengths calculated
- Manufacturing reports to support drilling plans and wire cutvlists
- Direct output for CNC tools


- Allows for checking the heat properties of cabinets
- Calculates the power dissipation of all equipment
- Calculates the ventilation or cooling required to balance temperature increases


(includes the Harness Documentation module)
. Harness drawing on scale to insert them in production tables (formboard/jigboard)
. Control of the binding radius of the branches
. Formboard table splitting in different areas
. Wire grid insertion at the harness extremities
. Branche diameter display


- Bidirectional environment synchronization
- "Local environment" update according to "reference environment" (stored on server)
- Manual or automatic environment update
- Extractions (symbols, part numbers... added or modified in the local environment) can be sent to environment
administrator for validation and implementation on the server "reference environment"



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- Synchronisation bidirectionnelle de l'environnement ;

- Mise à jour de l'environnement « local » en accord avec l'environnement « de référence » (stocké sur le serveur) ;

- Mise à jour manuelle ou automatique de l'environnement ;

- Les extractions (symboles, références matériels … ajoutés ou modifiés dans l'environnement « local ») peuvent être envoyées à l'administrateur de l'environnement pour validation et mise en place sur le serveur de l'environnement « de référence ».

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