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Learn tips from our technical support team to save your time


How to switch connections from one type to another?

Click on "Edit - Change - Signal - All connection Types", select the sheets to update then select the old and new signal types to change too.




How to switch on tips at startup ? 

To do this just click on "?" then on "Tip of the day" and select "Show tips on startup"




How do you go back to a specific point in your work history ?

Locate the "Undo/ Redo Explorer" window, which allows you to return to any action by double clicking or right-clicking and selecting "Go to this state"


 undo redo


How to assign a harness to multiple cables at once ?

Click on "Edit - Set - Harness" then window around any cables and enter the harness name. Note that to see this information you may have to enable the display of this attribute in the "System attributes - cables" in the environments methods.



How to align groups of signal numbers?

Click on "Edit - Move - Signal Number on Axis" then click 2 points across any wires to align the labels.








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