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"Our contract also allows us to benefit from the SEE Part Libraries module for requesting new parts and symbols from the content team, delivered within 5 days. This saves precious time and leads to more professional projects. We love the new interface which offers global tracking of our requests and its status (we can check our request history, know the number of remaining references available and when they expire). "
Mr Plessis - MG Cablâge 
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Discover the benefits of the NEW SEE Part Libraries service:

• Improved user request interface

 • Simplified content

 • Customers can see directly how many credits they have left, and when their SEE Part Libraries Service contract will expire.

 • Customers can see the details of previous requests, and how many credits were used.

 • Customers can instantly see the status of a request

 • Customers can interact with the content team via the comments section.

 • Customers can manage multiple users for each SEE Part Libraries Service.



IGE+XAO offers an "on-demand" service to create new equipment codes on request: "SEE Part Libraries"

 This provides 100 credits (available for 18 months) for $600. The IGE+XAO content team will create the requested equipment data within 5 days of the request (per 10 credits).

 The creation of the equipment details with its designation, technical data, and schematic symbol requires 1 credit. Creation of a 3D symbol for the 3D Panel module requires 2 credits as does creating a PLC symbol with its associated schematic elements.


This See Part Library service is available to customers with a current maintenance contract


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