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SEE Electrical Advanced: for advanced electrical engineering design



SEE Electrical Advanced is the third level of SEE Electrical. It offers a high-end, professional software package for electrical engineering design that substantially reduces handling times.


In addition to all the functions in the Basic and Standard levels, its easy-to-use automatic or manual functions for electrical engineering design and management enable electrical plans to be automatically generated, modifications to be made, and lists to be edited without additional effort.


See Electrical Caddy Advanced image


Terminal graphics with symbols (left) or terminal row picture (right) provide a clear overview


♦ Advanced electrical engineering functions for editing project pages allow you to add sheets or modify electrical plans effortlessly and significantly reduce the time required for manual design.


♦ Merging electrical projects with different Function/Location provides different users with the ability to work on the same project.


♦ A special function that changes page templates for an entire project allows for the customisation of project templates for different customers.


♦ Together with an easy-to-use and navigable tree-like project structure, SEE Electrical - Advanced uses a real-time cross-referencing navigator, which simplifies browsing through complex projects.


♦ The labeling mode for PLC-Operands can be predefined (decimal, octal, hexadecimal). A function for import of a PLC assignment list in Excel format contributes likewise to saving of time.



♦ Database editors are easy to use. A wide range of sorting and filtering functions help the process. It also enables terminal blocks to be automatically renumbered to comply with new or revised numbering definitions.


♦ With the "List & Labelling" tool in the integrated database, SEE offers powerful and fully automated generation of Labels and Tags. All known and used worldwide labeling print formats, such as Avery Zweckform, Herlitz and Leitz are already integrated.


♦ All documents in electrical engineering projects can be sorted into a printing spool, so that you can print exactly what you need and in the order and size that you want.


♦ A fully customisable generator for graphical lists allows you to create individual designs and project reports, this can also be done using your own SQL statements.


♦ The project can be configured, that is, you can hide not needed lists, and define your own lists by using of SQL queries. You can easily adapt project and page texts to your needs.



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