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SEE Electrical - Cabinet Layout Module


Simple cabinet layout design

♦ The Cabinet Layout module is the professional choice for designing within SEE Electrical.

This module offers unity between the Cabinet Layout and electrical diagram design. The Cabinet Layout module's integration with SEE Electrical Standard and Advanced, enables its components to be immediately available in SEE Electrical - Cabinet Layout drawings.

A project can also be started in the Cabinet Layout module, as all components that have been inserted will be viewable in a list in the circuit diagram module.


♦ The sizing of inserted elements into the Cabinet Layout module is fully automatic. SEE Electrical takes measurements for elements and symbols from its manufacturer's database.


♦ Projects can be started from either the Circuit Diagram or Cabinet Layout modules.
 Various specialised, measuring, dimensioning and other CAD functions simplify work and help produce professional layouts.


♦ With specific functions for rail and cable/wire channels, construction of organised and logical cabinet design is easy.


♦ Different interfaces (for ECAD, Excel or DWG/DXF/DXB formats) provide fast and accurate symbol import and placement.


♦ Displaying terminals from the Cabinet Layout module in the graphical Terminal Matrix is possible.

Cabinet Lay-out module image


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