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SEE Electrical - House Installation Module

A versatile CAD module For designing electrical installation plans. 


♦ It is easy to use with a wide range of symbols guaranteeing productivity.


♦ Functions such as automatic symbol rotation (so as to be in the same direction as walls), easy copying and tagging functions make it an invaluable, yet simple, application to use.


♦ With SEE Electrical - House installation you can read the building plans directly from an architect, through the DXF/DWG/DXB interface.


♦ It allows you to easily create walls, doors, windows, and many other simple building drawings yourself.


♦ A wide variety of lists - including cable and component lists - can be simply generated and exported to Excel/ASCII-Format. As an additional module to SEE Electrical, the inserted elements, such as cables are immediately available in the pick list of the CAD system for further design.

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For more information about SEE Electrical, click here.

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