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SEE Electrical : New V7R2


This new SEE Electrical version was born from listening to customer requirements.
Check the following list of great new features!


SEE Electrical V7R2 enhancements :


• Automatic workspace compression when exiting (Basic level)
• Archived workspaces direct opening and automatic archive when exiting (Basic level)
• Enhanced management of hyperlinked files and linked bitmaps (Basic level)
• Angular dimensions now supported (Basic level)
• Inches better supported (Basic level)
• Source language texts can be easily added to translation database (Advanced level)
• Enhancements for Redlining objects
  - generate (draw polygon, change colour) (Basic level/Viewer)
  - use these to manage revision information (Advanced level)


Lock component names (Basic level)
Page coordinates supported – Page template definition enhanced (Basic level)
• Position multiple symbols on wires (Basic level)
• Enhancements for type database (Standard level)
  - define which database to use with a workspace
  - channel management with new functionality
  - copy channel information
  - fill cable type from type database
  - show header texts from type database on symbols
  - show description texts in component explorer
Function/Location box: change information for contacts and cable cores (Standard level)
Aspect manager enhancements (Advanced level)

Integration with standard drawings is enhanced (Advanced level)
  - Channel definition now possible
  - Completing of components introduced
  - "Go To" supported

Filters can be stored (Basic level)
Handling of multi level terminals (Advanced level)
• Cable editor: re-number cable (Advanced level)

Use word wrap (Basic level)
Generate a cover sheet (Basic level)
Re-use complex lists such as terminal matrix (Advanced level)
Device list is now supported (Advanced level)
• Cable plan: show spare cores (Standard level)
• Terminal matrix/-plan/Connector matrix/plan: hide function location texts for cables (Standard / Advanced level)
Navigate from some graphical lists to diagrams (Advanced level)

• Draw rails and channels between 2 points
• Hide component texts (very useful for terminals)
• Index table: generate one entry for each terminal strip

• Count blocks in drawings imported via DXF/DWG

• Export in gray scale
• PDF documents can contain a watermark
• Navigation through texts "prior page" or "next page" is possible

• Free description texts are supported in export and import