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SEE Electrical : New V8R1


This new SEE Electrical version was born from listening to customer requirements.
Check the following list of great new features!


SEE Electrical V8R1 enhancements :


Full unicode support (from Basic level)

 Unicode support is essential for supporting extended character sets, allowing support for Chinese, Russian Cyrillic, and Arabic fonts.

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• Circuit diagrams new folder structures (from Standard level)

Projects can now be structured much more easily using folders, allowing pages to be grouped by function, location, manual descriptions, and nested folders. Folders and subfolders can be created and manually sorted according to requirement.

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• Move/Copy pages: improved page management functionality now allows for greater flexibility and control (from Standard/ Advanced level)

In the Standard level, pages can now be copied and moved by drag and drop within the same project. In Advanced level they can be moved and copied between different projects as well.
In the Advanced level a new interface brings together the separate copy function, location, and groups commands and allows copying of whole folders and subfolders of pages.
New settings allow users to control how copied objects should be handled together with custom formula to generate cable and terminal strip names.



• Cables and terminals: user defined formula for generating cable and terminal strip names (from Basic level)

In circuit diagrams, from Basic level, user defined formula for naming are available now. Cable names can be generated automatically and terminal strip names semi-automatically. From Standard level, it is possible to rename terminal strips according to the chosen naming rule from the terminal editor.



 New auto numbering options for PLC addresses (Advanced level)

In circuit diagram settings it is now possible to set up user defined numbering rules for PLC addresses. This new functionality means that many more manufacturer specific formats can be reproduced.

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 •  Type database: improved interface (from Standard level)
The type database editor and browser design has been improved to provide a much better user interface. New features include:
- create new manufacturer and goods group during part creation ;
- manufacturers and goods groups can be easily renamed ;
- export to XML data by manufacturer, goods group or both is now possible ;
- when importing data, you decide if existing values are overwritten or skipped. An import report is available ;
- merge existing information in new types to copy channel definitions and other shared information ;
- and more!

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Diagonal wires can be drawn (from Basic level)
Wires representing data busses for instance are sometimes draw diagonally. Diagonal wires can now be drawn simply by holding Ctrl or shift during the draw wire command.

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  Easy re-use of a connector pin (from Basic level)


  Change texts for multiple components in one step (Basic Level)
With multiple components selected, the "Property grid" allows descriptions and type texts for all of them to be changed in a single step, providing a real time saving.


Text and dimension: define settings group (Basic level)
It is now possible to define multiple groups of settings for text and dimension properties. Each setting group can be quickly recalled from a simple drop-down selector.


Switch cabinet manufacturing for electrical distribution systems and others supported (Advanced level)
Switch cabinets for electrical distribution systems are often built by using different drawers designed for various tasks. Each type of drawer can be used once, or multiple times, in such a cabinet. Cabinet manufacturers requested the possibility to just design one of each drawer type used and then calculate the correct number of parts for the whole cabinet according to the number of drawers of each type used.


 Manage PDF documents in workspaces (from Basic level)
It is now possible to manage PDF documents inside a SEE Electrical workspace in the "Other documents".


  Wire part lists allow length calculation (from Standard level)
Possibility to calculate the wire length in graphical wire lists. This makes your documentation even more complete.


  Terminal plan, Connector plan, Cable plan, Cable Terminal Row plan: boxes around components help reduce complex routing (Advanced level)
To avoid complex routing in graphical plans where symbols can be shown as targets, a simplified view of the target symbol (symbol is shown in a box) can now be used.


  Print areas supported (Basic level)
Sometimes it is necessary to print only part of a page and to be able to re-print the same area later. Pages in SEE Electrical now support the definition of print areas.


Signal definitions can be copied (from Standard level)
It is now possible to copy signal definitions between workspaces in which the setting "use signal type" is active. This is essential in avoiding mistakes and quickly duplicating settings between workspaces.



 Index table can be sorted by product name
Finding components is much easier thanks to this!

Produce drill-holes automatically from the type database information
This new functionality provides a valuable addition to the production process.

White areas in symbols can be removed
White areas are automatically added to components positioned on rails to hide the rail part where the component is mounted. If components with non-rectangular shapes are used, this white area sometimes inadvertently covers other components. Instead of this automatically created area, a manually selected area can now be added to the symbol.



 New "Auto Generate" and "Translation" modules
The "Translation" module is now available as a separate option for all levels of See Electrical without having to purchase the Advanced level.
The "Auto Generate" module is now available as a separate option for standard and advanced levels of See Electrical IEC (not currently available for IEEE).

Web catalogue available
The new IGE+XAO web portal for part data provides downloads from a managed web-based store of part number information including channel definitions for coils, core information for cables and connector pin definitions.

Two services are available:

1) "SEE Web Catalogue" allows downloads of all available part numbers in the web catalogue.
2) "SEE Parts Library" allows requesting parts which are not yet present in the web catalogue.




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