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Explore our online equipment catalogue, SEE Web Catalogue:

  • more than 700,000 equipment codes,
  • 900 manufacturers,
  • 10,000 specific equipment symbols.


One of the most complete online catalogues in the market, it offers more than 700,000 references provided by more than 900 manufacturers. With more than 10,000 specific equipment symbols, the online SEE Web Catalogue is constantly growing.


The IGE+XAO equipment catalogue is available as a subscription service called "SEE Web Catalogue". All SEE Electrical Standard or Advanced users with a current maintenance contract can subscribe for unlimited downloads.


Most equipment records provide detailed technical information including dimensions, schematic symbol references and a growing number of 3D symbols to let you quickly complete your projects. The web service offers advanced searching and filtering options to quickly locate your required equipment by catalogue number, description, series, manufacturer or specific characteristics.


This service is available to customers with a current maintenance contract.


IGE+XAO also offers an "on-demand" service to create new equipment codes on request: "SEE Part Libraries". This provides 100 credits*. The IGE+XAO content team will create requested equipment data within 5 days of the request**.


For more information about "SEE Web Catalogue" and "SEE Part Libraries", please contact your local sales team.


* Credits are available for 18 months.

One credit includes the creation of equipment codes with its designation, technical data, and schematic symbol.

Creation of a 3D symbol for the 3D Panel module requires 1 additional credit.

3D symbols will only be created if a STEP (.STP) file of the 3D symbol can be located on the manufacturer's website, Traceparts or Cadenas 's website, or you if are able to provide it to us.

** per 10 credits.



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