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SEE Project Manager: a tool for managing your electrical projects (PDM) 


 IGE+XAO offers a complete range of PDM packages:


  •   SEE Project Manager 
  •   SEE Project Manager LT
  •   SEE Project Manager in the Cloud
  •   SEE Project Manager PLM


SEE Project Manager LT and SEE Project Manager can be mixed on the same network since data is completely compatible. Companies can start with SEE Project Manager LT and upgrade to SEE Project Manager when required.



The intermediate PDM package with features such as full customization, handling of large organizations and complex lifecycles, BOM management, ERP integration, etc.
It is suited for small workgroups or large enterprise looking for a customized and scalable solution matching precise needs.


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The easy-to-use and simple-to-deploy documentation management solution for teams that need fast deployment, fast ramp up and immediate ROI.

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All the SEE Project Manager LT functionalities, but in the cloud (SaaS – Software As a Service).

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The top of the range package for high-end PDM applications.

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