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CAD electrical 


Industry leader in CAD electrical software, IGE-XAO develops specific, advanced and high-performance packagess for special machinery, plant and automation, automotive,  railway, aerospace, shipbuilding and building industries.


IGE-XAO works with various industries providing electrical cad software to optimise productivity, reduce costs and production times. From SEE Electrical for basic planning, to SEE Electrical Expert for major production lines, there are various options.




CAD electrical software for the Automation: an historical market for IGE+XAO

Historically, the Group began by developing, selling and maintaining CAD (Computer Aided Design) Electrical software dedicated to the electrical industry. Electrical CAD software applications are used to design and maintain the electrical side of manufacturing processes and end products. Today, CAD Electrical is the main business of the Group and represents 70% of its revenue.


IGE-XAO : CAD electrical software solutions for the building industry.

IGE-XAO offers two software packages for building industry electrical CAD systems: SEE Calculation for installation design and dimensioning technical calculations in conformity with Standard NF 15-100: SEE Electrical Building+ for single wire distribution plans including the distribution box.


IGE-XAO : CAD electrical customized for Wiring Harness Design

IGE-XAO has developed CAD electrical software suites targeting avionics and transport professionals. SEE Electrical Expert for instance provides CAD electrical dedicated features for Harness/Cable Assembly design in order to manage schematics and generate wiring, cable and material lists.



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