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Electrical diagram software – at the heart of modern industrial processes


Electrical diagram software by firms like IGE-XAO helps power productivity in a wide range of sectors


IGE-XAO is a company with a truly global reach that’s come a long way since its foundation almost 30 years ago. Headquartered near Toulouse, at the heart of Europe’s aerospace industry, this manufacturer of electrical diagram software is geographically perfectly-placed to have its pulse on the changing needs of its key markets. These include:

  • The Aerospace industry
  • The Construction sector
  • The Automotive field
  • Shipbuilding
  • Energy generation

Electrical diagram software products cater to a wide spectrum of needs. One of the most common of these is in the area of wiring harness design. The specialist ‘Harness Package’ of the increasingly-popular SEE Electrical Expert solution can be put to work straight away, interoperability and ease-of-use being amongst its most salient features.


Likewise, the SEE Electrical Building Electrical diagram software solution is much-appreciated for its intuitive interface and rapid implementation, meaning that it saves time and effort right from the off! This cutting-edge tool is the latest to come out of the IGE-XAO stable and is designed to be a modular solution capable of delivering top-quality documentation for the purposes of electrical installation design.

Wiring schematics

Electrical diagram software for engineering – step forward the SEE System Design solution!

Aimed at a variety of users, from power suppliers to assembly lines, the SEE System Design electrical diagram software package is suitable for even more complex engineering jobs such as cabling and wiring diagrams. It is designed to allow multiple users to work alongside each other on the same project, for example, one individual can work on HVAC systems whilst another concentrates on cable routing – this makes for real efficiency savings.

IGE-XAO has extended its geographical reach to serve today’s interconnected world, with a network of affiliates and partners on the ground. Between them, they cover the world’s major markets, with an especially strong presence in Europe and China. There are also distributors and subsidiaries in South America, the USA, Canada, Australia, India and Madagascar. In total, there are 83,000 licences distributed around the world, representing over 38,600 users of the firm’s electrical diagram software solutions.

For more information on the company’s activities or to enquire about how to become a sales partner for IGE-XAO’s electrical diagram software tools, why not send an email to your local representative?


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