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Electrical drafting software keeps the modern world on the move!


Electrical drafting software – a critical component in the design of modern transportation systems


CAD packages and electrical drafting software have become well-established elements in manufacturing design processes. Firms such as French company IGE-XAO produce a wide range of software packages which aim to streamline production processes and cut costs and lead-times.

Electrical drafting software packages by IGE-XAO may be used in manufacturing, construction and power generation. The firm’s wiring harness design solution, on the other hand, is extensively employed in the transportation sector, covering everything from aviation to shipping and rail travel.


For the building trade, electrical drafting software tools such as SEE Electrical Building are absolutely invaluable. This easy to use and quickly-installed package is ideal for creating electrical installations for homes and office buildings. Available in several different modules: installation, single-line and layout, you’ll find all the information you need about this solution online. If you need a less complex solution, then perhaps the SEE Electrical tool will fit the bill. This CAD solution can be mastered very rapidly, all the more so due to the availability of online tutorials and the fact that there are three levels to choose from, running from Basic to Advanced.

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IGE-XAO: 30 years of experience in the electrical drafting software market

IGE-XAO has been working with electrical drafting software and similar packages for almost 30 years now, gaining in-depth experience in multiple markets, both by sector and geographical location. It has representatives, partners, affiliates and branches right across the world:

  • Europe
  • China
  • North America
  • Australasia
  • South America
  • Africa

It boasts an especially dense network in Europe, both east and west, and in China, with this being reflected in its extremely diverse portfolio of clients.

Although IGE-XAO’s core activity lies in selling licences for electrical drafting software solutions (with over 83,000 licences sold to date), it also offers a number of services which may be useful to users of these packages. A large selection of resources are available on the company’s ‘downloads’ page, including tutorials. More targeted training is also available. Courses are conducted in specific training rooms on the company’s premises, you can get trainers to come to your offices or undertake 1 or 2 hour-long online courses covering specific modules or operational features. For more details of these and any other electrical drafting software-related services, just get in touch with your local contact.


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