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IGE-XAO: Software electrical circuits solutions for industry


Software electrical circuits design packages to boost productivity and reduce costs!


CAD, Product Lifestyle Management and related simulation technology packages produced by French firm IGE-XAO are critical to the needs of any company needing help in designing and maintaining electrical installations. Software electrical circuits design solutions play an integral role in this. Two main packages are relevant to this particular field, namely SEE Calculation and SEE Electrical Building. Between them, these two tools can cater to the needs of the construction industry in terms of installation design, dimensioning, single wire distribution plans and distribution box design. All software electrical circuits tools are designed to be intuitive and rapid to implement, as the main rationale behind such software is to enable more to be done in less time. This ability to significantly boost productivity is particularly important in large-scale manufacturing production lines, the shipbuilding industry etc. Both these industries are served by solutions like SEE Electrical and SEE Electrical Expert. Other sectors where software electrical circuits solutions are likely to be used are:

  • The Aerospace industry
  • Automation and plant
  • The automotive sector
  • The construction industry
  • Equipment and machinery manufacturing
  • Power generation
  • Railway travel



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IGE-XAO – 30 years’ experience designing software electrical circuits tools

IGE-XAO has been involved in the CAD revolution almost from the beginning. Over time, it has become the largest player in the electrical CAD market in France. It is also present in well over a score of different countries across six continents, including China, India, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Morocco, Australia, Turkey, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and indeed most European countries, east and west.

As well as creating packages for software electrical circuits design, the firm offers assistance on how to use the packages it designs to the best effect. This may involve consulting, help with integration or programming for specific purposes. There is also a training department, with individual branches having their own fully-equipped training room. Customers can request courses that are tailor-made to their specific needs, ask for on-site training or opt for the flexibility of online learning.

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