Report from the chairman of the board of directors on the preparation and organization of the work of board of directors 2015/2016

In this report, the Chairman of the Board provides you with a full account of the conditions related to the preparation and organization of the work of the Board and of the internal control and risk procedures managed by IGE+XAO and its subsidiaries during fiscal year 2015/2016. This document is presented to you in addition to the management report contained in the Annual Financial Report.


This report is issued in accordance with article LM. 225-37 subparagraph 6 of the French Commercial Code and with the recommendations of the ‘Autorité des Marchés Financiers’ contained in particular in its report on corporate governance and internal control dated 8 December 2009.


The Chairman of the Board has put the Financial Manager in charge of the preparatory work for this report. This report was then approved by the Board of Directors during its meeting on 26 October 2016.




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