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SEE Electrical Expert: New V4 

Discover the new version V4: all the power of electrical CAD dedicated to collaborative design!

• SEE Electrical Expert V4 allows the collaborative work of several users on the same project. Modifications made by other users are instantly seen. It is also possible to hold online discussions (chat) without leaving the software.
• The software manages conflicts (simultaneous access to data). This ensures total project data integrity.
• All electrical functionalities are available in collaborative mode through a “shared folder



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See Electrical Expert - New V4 - dump

Electrical data explorer
This new explorer allows quick and easy editing of project data. Access to electrical data (equipment, connectors, terminals, cables…) is immediate (it is no longer necessary to access each sheet). Searching is faster and navigation between different representations of the same equipment becomes almost instantaneous.


Open Data


• The new version V4 can export all project data as spreadsheets to allow modification with Excel or any other spreadsheet application. This data can then imported back while managing data consistency. Sheets are automatically updated. Large data volumes processed in a spreadsheet makes the process faster and easier.


• It is also possible to initialize a new project from an Excel file containing all the project general data (functions, locations, terminals, etc) which have been defined during the preliminary project phase.


See electrical expert - new V4 - dump



See electrical expert - new V4 - dump


3D Panel design


IGE+XAO, which is a SolidWorks “Solutions” partner, has developed a plug-in to be added to SolidWorks. This plug-in allows the 3D design of electrical installations.
It offers two key benefits:
- A realistic view of the components with their implantation
- A view of space requirements and collision control
It therefore becomes possible to view, simulate and validate the panel mounting, before starting the manufacturing process.




Performance improvements
This version is optimized leading to much faster visualization and reduced processing time.
A few examples
- Sheet display (typically 2 times faster and up to 30 times faster in cases such as terminal sheets)
- Automatic cabling from the synoptic
- Internet catalogue search on all families
- Project Explorer
- etc.

See electrical expert - new 4 - chrono


Automatic sheet generation

Electrical projects can be similar, but different. IGE+XAO offers several solutions for machine or electrical installation configuration and for automatically generating a complete electrical project (schematics, terminals, part lists, cable lists, etc) from:
- an Excel spreadsheet
- CompoData, the IGE+XAO Group software suite for configuring complex systems.


See electrical expert - new v4 - folio


This 100% Unicode version offers the possibility to create electrical projects in your language and then translate them in Chinese, Russian, Arabic, etc. therefore facilitating exchanges with partners throughout the world.


Interface with the Mechanical CAD world
Export to Creo Elements /Pro (previously named Pro Engineer) comes in addition to existing exports such as SolidWorks and Catia. Equipment lists as well as cabling lists for an Electrical project are directly exported in a PTC format. Electrical data can then be integrated to the 3D mock-up in order to create cable and wire routing.


SEE Electrical Expert V4 supports new AutoCAD 2012 version

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PDM/ERP connexion
In addition to the existing SmarTeam integration (allowing management of SEE Electrical Expert documents directly in SmarTeam), IGE+XAO offers a generic module for integrating electrical data into PDM/ERP (Product Data Management / Enterprise Resource Planning).
This module allows you to:
- synchronize SEE Electrical document attributes with PDM attributes,
- export equipment part lists,
- and finally to preview electrical documents in the PDM tool.
With this module, our clients have successfully interfaced SEE Electrical Expert with TeamCenter (Siemens), Windchill (PTC), SAP, etc.

Three new label exports
ABB, Wago and Brady join existing tagging systems manufacturers Grafoplast, MurrPlastik, Legrand, Phoenix Contact, Weidmüller,etc.


See electrical expert - new v4 - dump



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