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Fiscal year 2005/2006,
First half year 2006/2007,
Company Presentation

The IGE+XAO Group will be one of the few companies in the field of Electrical Computer Aided Design (CAD) to be an exhibitor at the China Initi@tive event which will be held from April 10th to 14th in Chengdu. Close to 3,000 visitors are to participate to this unique opportunity, which will also be the opportunity to celebrate Schneider Electric China's 20 years anniversary.

This exhibition will allow the IGE+XAO Group to demonstrate the total compatibility between IGE+XAO's SEE Electrical Expert and the Unity platform. On early 2005, the IGE+XAO Group had been certified "Unity Partner". For the users, the partnership with Schneider Electric means a total compatibility between the electrical diagrams created with SEE Electrical Expert and the Schneider Electric PLCs.

Prior to the China event, the IGE+XAO Group also participated to the European Initi@tive event, which was held in Nice (France) from January 30th to February 2nd. This European event brought together 4,000 Schneider Electric customers from the European Community and North Africa.

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Katalog MOELLER do SEE Electrical

Najnowszy katalog aparatury firmy MOELLER do SEE Electrical jest dostępny na stronie Dla klientów/Logowanie/Katalogi.

For the first half 2006/2007, IGE+XAO recorded a net profit of €1,063,178 compared to €885,168 the previous fiscal year (+20.1%), and a net margin of 10.8%*. The current operating income reached 16.0% on the 31st January 2007 compared to 13.6% in 2005/2006, i.e. an increase of 16.0%. In terms of turnover, the first and second quarters showed growth rates of 2.6% and 5.0% respectively. Growth during the 2nd quarter was even more significant compared to the same period the previous year, with the Group recording the highest growth rate of the year (+9.6%).

Similarly, the Group strengthened its financial position with increased shareholder's equities of 12.3 million euros (+13.7%), the near absence of financial debt and cash-at-bank of 9.7 million euros. This financial performance is even more remarkable because it comes during an important investment situation.
Thus, during the first half year 2006/2007 IGE+XAO launched two joint ventures, EHMS SAS and S2E CONSULTING SAS, created with respectively the groups Labinal and Sogéclair, and took control of the company Compodata SA, a software publisher specialising in the creation and implementation of "electronic catalogues" as well as the configuration of complex systems.

Finally, for the fiscal year 2006/2007, the IGE+XAO Group confirmed its market strategy of aiming for growth both in terms of turnover and profit. This plan will be accompanied by the creation of jobs both in France and abroad in order to meet market demands.

SEE Building LT

Wprowadzamy do sprzedaży długo oczekiwany program do projektowania instalacji elektrycznych o nazwie SEE Building LT. Liczymy, że dzięki swojej prostocie i przyjaznemu środowisku pracy będzie dobrze przyjęty na w Polsce. Linki do pobrania wersji Trial wysyłamy po dokonaniu rejestracji.