Embraer selects the IGE+XAO Group software packages

Toulouse (France) and São José dos Campos (Brazil) - October 19th, 2006

The IGE+XAO Group announces that Embraer, the world's leading manufacturer of commercial jets of up to 110 seats, has selected their "SEE Electrical Harness Collaborative / SEE Electrical Expert" software packages in order to design the electrical installations of the aircrafts. Firstly, Embraer will use the IGE+XAO Group's software packages for its new programs. Subsequently, their use could be extended to other programs.

The implementation of IGE+XAO's solutions deployment has been achieved in record time. In less than eight months, the software packages have been adapted to Embraer's requirements, integrated into its hardware and software environment, then implemented. They are now in use. Both companies have worked extensively on this customization.

"The Embraer contract confirms the strong position that the IGE+XAO Group holds in the aeronautics market. The joint Embraer/IGE+XAO project team has demonstrated strong professionalism and reactivity by achieving in only a few months, the integration of the IGE+XAO solution into the Embraer working methods and information system. This performance emphasizes the relevance and maturity of the IGE+XAO Group offering. This new contract, along with its commercial spin-offs and public image, will lead the Group to the creation of an office in South America", declared Alain Di Crescenzo, IGE+XAO Group CEO and Chairman.

Embraer is an addition to the prestigious list of aeronautics companies that are already using the IGE+XAO Group's software packages. Not only does this new partnership reinforce the Group's position in the field of electrical harness design (particularly in the aeronautics field), but it also confirms the competitive advantage of the Group's solutions and the high level of expertise of its teams.

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