IGE+XAO controls 100% of the Danish company CAE Development Aps.

Toulouse, 1st March 2005

— Having already acquired 51% of the Danish company CAE
Development Aps in 2001, the IGE+XAO Group announces the purchase of the remaining 49% of the shares.

CAE Development Aps writes the software programme 'CADdy++ Electrical' dedicated to the medium to low range of Electrical CAD (Computer-Aided Design) products.

With this acquisition, the Group IGE+XAO clearly underlines its intention to become the world leader in Electrical CAD in the medium to low range of the market for manufacturing and building. IGE+XAO anticipates a big increase in this sector of the market where today it has already sold 20,000 licences.

Further, this acquisition is intended to appreciably increase its investments in the complete range of 'CADdy++ Electrical', which will now be integrated in the solutions on offer from IGE+XAO. The first stage will comprise the launching of new products on the world market, notably The United States and China in the fourth quarter of 2005.

This operation is taken into full account by IGE+XAO Group, which has a powerful ability to invest, enabling it to grow both internally and by external acquisition.

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