The IGE+XAO Group launches SEE Electrical Harness, a powerful package for the design of electrical harnesses with an excellent return on investment.

Toulouse, 13th November 2007 – The IGE+XAO Group announces the launching of SEE Electrical Harness, a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) package dedicated to the electrical harnesses design. This new product allows to save time, increase quality and enable communication with 3D CAD or PDM (Product Data Management) applications.

SEE Electrical Harness addresses small and medium companies in the aeronautics, automotive, transportation and the consumer goods industries. The package manages, in a Microsoft Windows environment, all kinds of diagrams, wire and part lists. It includes a schematic editor, which provides all necessary tools to manage principle and wiring diagrams. It also offers connectors, signals, wires, cables and shielding complete management.

Dedicated symbol libraries and functionalities, ease-of-use and the 2D Harness documentation module help the user save a tremendous amount of time and provide a quick return on investment.

The package also brings significant improvements in terms of quality with real-time controls (pin booking, electrical tags, signals tracing, etc.), automatic list generation (part list, cable list, etc.) and revision management. This reduces the number of errors and contributes to an increase in quality.

Finally, SEE Electrical Harness offers the possibility to communicate with other packages through import/export in various formats (TIFF, JPG, XLS, XML…).

For more information about SEE Electrical Harness, please visit, the IGE+XAO Group's website dedicated to electrical harness design software.

Download PDF Electrical CAD