MOELLER ELECTRIC and IGE+XAO partner to launch an innovative software package dedicated to tertiary electrical installation

July 5th, 2007 Aiming to reinforce their development strategy on the power distribution market and broaden their product offer for panel builders, MOELLER ELECTRIC, a specialist in low voltage components, launches a new software application for designing electrical panels dedicated to power distribution: M@x.
Developed with IGE+XAO, the specialist in Computer Aided Design, which announced having taken control of COMPODATA in February 2007, M@x includes the latest technological innovations in order to offer a tool both efficient and fast, capable of a real-time Internet update of its data.


Subject to increasingly tight deadlines, panel builders need new tools adapted to extremely demanding requirements. Using the CompoData technology, IGE+XAO developed in partnership with MOELLER ELECTRIC an advanced software application. It gives the professional looking for efficiency the quick quotation of an electrical installation, the panel mounting schematics and the list of components of any installation up to 4,000 amps. Benefiting from both an electrical and software expertise, M@x has an advantage unique on the market: the automatic product data update. Designed to evolve with the user, M@x is updated for each new project. An automatic Internet connection activated by the access of the catalogue allows all the ranges of products to be updated. Therefore, it ensures:
-a valid offer always providing the latest innovations,
-a price list constantly updated.

With almost 10,000 part numbers available 24h/24 and 7d/7; the new application M@x is the tool essential for the quick and appropriate design of an electrical panel board. Fast and easy-to-use, it targets all users!


In order to facilitate entering data and save time, M@x includes an "intelligent" selection which takes into account user-defined parameters such as short-circuit rating, reserve percentages and layout calculation method. Component choices are made through technical criteria. Remembering the exact Moeller part numbers is no longer necessary. Each choice matches a given accessory selection. Selecting a piece of equipment narrows down the choice of secondary components so that the user only gets technically relevant products. The professional then chooses securely the piece of equipment which fits his needs. This process enables the electrical installer to select his equipment in a very short time

Once this step is completed, the user, if he wishes so, re-arranges the products on his screen so as to get an electrical schematic generated automatically. Once the schematic is approved, the installer selects the panel type (floor, wall mounting, with or without door, etc.) Electrical equipment can then be sorted by type (default) or according to the schematics drawn previously. The user can then visualize the panel defined automatically by the application. He can also arrange "bus bars" to manage at best the power repartition. The electrical installation project is then finalized and can now be quoted to be integrated to the installer's or panel builder's overall quotation. M@x, as new generation application, allows the panel builder to deliver a panel quotation in a few minutes.

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