Turnover for fiscal year 2006/2007

Turnover has passed the 20 Million € mark.Toulouse, September 14th 2007 – The IGE+XAO Group announces that:
During the 2006/2007 financial year, the IGE+XAO Group's consolidated turnover passed the 20 million Euro mark, reaching 20,517,722 Euros, which is an increase of 4.2% compared with 2005/2006. The consolidated turnover increased 3% during the fourth quarter of 2006/2007 (5,532,328 euros). However this increase should be evaluated in light of the performance posted during same period a year ago, where in the fourth quarter of 2005/2006 turnover increased 9,2% compared to the previous year.

2006/2007 was particularly rich in transactions. At the start of the financial year, two joint-ventures - EHMS (development and marketing of a software suite for the production of electrical harnesses) and S2E Consulting (advice and assistance in engineering electrical design systems and processes) – were created with the Labinal and Sogéclair groups respectively. Then, at the beginning of 2007, the Group bought Compodata (publisher of complex system configurator software). Finally, in August 2007 IGE+XAO obtained its Chinese « business licence », an essential procedure for registering a company in China.
In terms of turnover, the contribution of these transactions over the 2006/2007 period has remained limited. On the other hand, with effect from 2007/2008, the companies S2E Consulting and in particular Compodata (a contribution of less than 280 thousand € to the 2006/2007 turnover) will start trading fully.

In accordance with the Group's forecasts this good business development will be combined with an increased profit level.

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