Why has IGE+XAO decided to develop a complete PLM (Product Life Cyle Management) software suite for the Electrical market?



• No integrated tool on the market, but an array of software packages (internal development and from many software publishers).
• No consistency through the logical chain:
   –Block Diagrams (BD),
   –Principal Diagrams (PD) /Functional Diagrams (FD),
   –Harness 2D / 3D,
   –Wiring Diagams (WD).
• No real consistency between functional / logical diagrams (BD/FD/WD) and physical (3D harnesses) worlds.
• No 3D topology and from time to time 2D topology (problem of understanding / legibility in case of significant electrical installations i.e.: aircraft vs. car).
• No consistency process in real time.
   –No real time processes (batch),
   –Limitation of the solutions.


IGE+XAO ambition:

• Offer a concurrent engineering solution
• Enable multi-site usage
• Benefit from databases capabilities.
   –Obsolescence of in-house software (hardware, software),
   –Obsolescence of “resources” capable to maintain in-house developments.
• Answer market requirements, mainly for aerospace industry (Boeing, Airbus, Embraer,…),
• Provide significant added-value compared to Electrical CAD software applications since SEE Electrical PLM manages:
      –Change management,
      –Functional/logical/physical consistencies in real time,
      –Signal/wire association,
      –3D Topology,
      –Automatic net routing and bundling,


PLM VISION screen V3



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