Financial press releases

2005-09-12 02:00:00
Toulouse - September 12th, 2005 — IGE+XAO increases its rate of progress during fiscal 2004/2005 with a turnover of € 19,010,85, a growth of 10% compared to the previous year. This excellent result exceeds the Group's forecast for growth, announced between 5% and 9%.Apart from the increase in...
2005-06-13 02:00:00
Consolidated turnover for the third quarter of 2004/2005 shows High growthIGE+XAO shows a high growth during the first nine months of 2004/2005 with a turnover of € 13,940,467 which is an increase of 10% compared with last year. Thus, in the first nine months, the Group has...
2004-12-13 01:00:00
Having achieved the upper limits of its objectives for fiscal 2004/2005, IGE+XAO posts strong growth during the first quarter of 2004/2005 with a turnover of € 4,286,080 up 20%. This strong growth, in a traditionally quiet period, reveals very good upward progress for the Group.
2004-10-29 02:00:00
A year of exceeding its objectives.
2004-09-05 02:00:00
IGE+XAO : A Good fiscal year.