IGE+XAO announces the integration of SEE Electrical Expert with the Prosyst offer


The IGE+XAO Group (80% shareholder of Prosyst capital for the last 2 years) announces the integration of SEE Electrical Expert with Prosyst packages ODIL and SIMAC.


ODIL, which is deployed at PSA and Renault Groups, is a fully customizable software workbench for automation studies used to generate documentation, PLC programs and HMI (Human to Machine Interface) applications.
SEEtoODIL, the new SEE Electrical Expert integration software with ODIL, automatically generates SEE Electrical Expert projects from a description of the machine made with ODIL. SEEtoODIL answers the increasing need for design standardization and automation. It provides significant benefits to all parties involved in a project:

    • For OEM and integrators, it contributes to design process optimization as well as quality level improvements.
    • For contractors, it enables design cost and lead-times reduction.


SIMAC is a machine or process simulator that creates virtual facilities and models the actual control systems architecture. SEEtoSIMAC enables the importing of electrical infrastructure, previously defined in SEE Electrical Expert, to be exported to SIMAC. This contributes to a 50% time saving in modelling and avoids errors due to several manual data entries.


For Alain Di Crescenzo, Chairman and CEO of the IGE+XAO Group “These integrations will allow our clients to benefit from all the power of our unique software offer covering the entire electrical installation lifecycle: from functional design to maintenance, including detailed design, PLC programming, simulation, manufacturing, on site commissioning and optimization”.


Download PDF Electrical CAD