IGE+XAO’s SEE Electrical contributes to sustainable development in China.

Toulouse, 24th July, 2009 - Vestas is a leader in wind energy equipment and holds a 23% market share at a global level. Every year each Vestas V90-3,0MW wind turbine can avoid 5000 tons of CO2. The power it generates matches 13,000 barrels of crude oil. Vestas wind turbines generate more than 50 million MWh every year which is enough electricity to supply every household in a country the size of Spain.

In order to offer high quality products, Vestas invests heavily to optimize the design of wind turbines with one priority: increase efficiency. Vestas believes that the design stage is equal to, or even more important than the manufacturing stage. Selecting IGE+XAO’s SEE Electrical as the electrical design reference software was key to Vestas China. The company was looking for a software package which would allow to design both electrical schematics and wiring diagrams, manage wires, cables and shielding and hence generates automatically all types of lists (product, wire, cable and terminal lists).


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