Turnover for fiscal 2007/2008 - (in IFRS norms)

Toulouse, September 12th 2008, the IGE+XAO Group announces:
IGE+XAO has posted a turnover of €21,590,927 for the 2007/2008 financial year, up by 5.2% on 2006/2007. Fourth quarter turnover was €5,695,878 (+ 3.0%).

2007/2008 was an eventful year for all sides of the business. In fact, IGE+XA0 continued its international expansion, the principal results being the launch of operations at its subsidiary in China, the extension of its foreign distribution network to India, Vietnam and Australia, in addition to the creation of a new subsidiary in Tunisia.
On the technical and sales fronts, the company expended considerable energy throughout the year, leading to the fourth quarter signing of a major contract. This contract which has already led to a first 1.3 million euro order had no impact on the 2007/2008 turnover figure. Its effects will be seen in the 2008/2009 financial year, with its contributions spreading over two years.
On the financial side, the Group sold its 11% interest in Anyware Technologies for 1.1 million euros. IGE+XAO had acquired this interest for a total sum of 392,800 euros.

These excellent results, from both the sales and financial sides, allied with the Group's solid base (diversified customer database, high level of profitability and net cash of €12 million), should allow the Group to combine investment with steady growth in the coming years.

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