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Schneider Electric takes control of IGE+XAO after the successful tender offer



January 25th, 2018

Press release



The Autorité des marchés financiers (the “AMF”) published today the results of the public tender offer for the shares of IGE-XAOinitiated by Schneider Electric Industries SAS.

Followingthe delivery of the shares tendered to theoffer which is expected to occur on January 30th, 2018, Schneider Electric Industries SAS will receive 882,194 IGE+XAO shares representing 61.79 percent of the share capital and at least 61.44 percent of the voting rights of IGE+XAO. Schneider Electric Industries SAS will therefore own directly or indirectly a total of 1,007,625 IGE-XAO shares representing 70. 57% of the share capital of the company.

We are delighted with the success of this offer and look forward to welcoming IGE+XAO’s teams within the Schneider Electric group where they will maintain their operational autonomy», said Philippe Delorme, Executive Vice President for Building (Low Voltage) and IT (Secure Power) activities at Schneider Electric. On his part, Alain Di Crescenzo, CEO of IGE+XAO, said «The closing of the transaction allows for closer collaboration with Schneider Electric, which will be beneficial for all the IGE+XAO customers, partners and employees».

According to the General Regulation of the AMF, the public tender offer initiated by Schneider Electric will be re opened from February 1st to February 14th, 2018,in order to allow shareholders who have not yet disposed of their shares to do so under the same terms.

The document relating to the offer is available on the websites of the AMF (www.amf-france.org) and Schneider Electric (www.schneider-electric.com), and is also available free of charge upon request at the offices of Schneider Electric (35 rue Joseph Monier, 92500 Rueil Malmaison) and BNP Paribas (16 boulevard des Italiens, 75009 Paris).

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Schneider Electric
Véronique Roquet-Montégon
Tel: +33 (0) 1 4129 7076

Christian Colin
Tel: +33 (0)5 62 74 36 08


Investor relations contact

Schneider Electric
Amit Bhalla
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7592 8216

Alain Di Crescenzo (Chairman of I.G.E.-X.A.O.)
Tel: +33 (0)5 62 74 36 36

About Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric is leading the Digital Transformation of Energy Management and Automation in Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries. With global presence in over 100 countries, Schneider is the undisputable leader in Power Management – Medium Voltage, Low Voltage and Secure Power, and in Automation Systems. We provide integrated efficiency solutions, combining energy, automation and software. In our global Ecosystem, we collaborate with the largest Partner, Integrator and Developer Community on our Open Platform to deliver real-time control and operational efficiency. We believe that great people and partners make Schneider a great company and that our commitment to Innovation, Diversity and Sustainability ensures that Life Is On everywhere, for everyone and at every moment.


This press release has been released on November 8th, 2017, at 8:00 AM

This press release was prepared for informational purpose only. It is not an offer to the public and it is not for diffusion in any other country than France. The diffusion of this press release, the Offer and its acceptance may be subject to specific regulations or restrictions in certain countries. The Offer is not made for persons subject to such restrictions, neither directly nor indirectly, and may not be accepted in any way from a country where the Offer would be subject to such restrictions. Consequently, persons in possession of this press release shall inquire about potential applicable local restrictions and comply with them. Schneider Electric excludes all liability in the event of any breach of the applicable legal restrictions by any person.







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