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2003/2004 half-year consolidated accounts

IGE+XAO continued its expansion during the first half of 2003/2004 with an increase in turnover of 8.3% and a consolidated net result at € 701 K against € 526 K for 2002/2003, which is a growth of 34%. This performance is particularly notable in the International market, the main target of the Group, where the business grew by 22.5% in the period.

Apart from the increase in turnover, the sharp increase in gross trading profit (up 31%) is explained by the firm control over costs which have gone up by only 4.5% when compared to 2002/2003 (net costs of the reimbursement of some of the operating costs).

At the same time, the Group is able to consolidate its financial situation with a shareholder's equity of € 8.184 K, bank loans of € 332 K and a cash flow of € 6.732 .

During the fiscal, IGE+XAO are reassured that their budget plan is correct and expect an increase in turnover between 8% and 10% and a net profit over 8%.



30 年来,IGE+XAO集团从事一系列CAD(计算机辅助设计)软件的设计、生产、销售和维护。这些电气CAD软件用于帮助生产商设计和维护所有生产过程的电气部分。IGE+XAO已建成了一整套的电气CAD软件程序,可应用于所有工业领域。IGE+XAO集团拥有390多名员工,遍布21个国家的32个分公司。在全世界售出86,000多个许可,成为了行业内的典范。

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