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V8R2 SP11

Release notes

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New features

Possibility to define custom SEE Web Catalogue address


In Settings of Type Database, it is possible now to define custom address for SEE Web Catalogue service. This modification was introduced due to future plans of changing the main server and introducing HTTPS protocol which will increase reliability, performance and security of the connection.

Exclude from RCD protection group


Output Definitions have a new parameter Exclude from RCD protection group. Enabling this parameter causes an output not to connect to RCD symbol defined for any of the previous outputs. Additionally, if the output has the RCD symbol defined, following outputs will not be grouped too.
It’s also possible to enable/disable this parameter directly from Panel Definition dialog.

New RCD Symbol tab in Distribution Diagrams Properties


Distribution Diagrams Properties dialog has a new RCD Symbol tab that combines all settings and options related to this kind of symbols. Additionally, new features such as Insert RCD symbol every N output symbols and Auto arrange outputs excluded from RCD protection group were added.

Automatic arrangement of circuits


New option Auto arrange outputs excluded from RCD protection group was added to the RCD Symbol tab of Distribution Diagrams Properties. If this option is enabled, all outputs that use Output Definitions with Exclude from RCD protection group option enabled are moved to the top of the output list in following order:

  • Panels,
  • Sockets,
  • Lights,
  • Other symbol types.

Insert RCD symbol every N output symbols


Distribution Diagrams Properties have a new option called Insert RCD symbol every N output symbols that allows to automatically insert RCD symbols every given number of outputs. All outputs that use output definition with Exclude from RCD protection group option enabled are ignored when calculating the position of RCD symbols.

Bug fixed

  • Issue where hatching couldn’t be removed after exploading objects was eliminated.
  • Eliminated an issue where Inteligent PDF module could not generate PDF files if project excided certain number of devices.
  • Due to 3rd party software that constantly scans Clipboard, sometimes it was impossible to select a symbol from symbol library or copy already inserted objects. Now, the problem doesn’t exist anymore.
  • It’s no longer possible to create Product aspects while merging signal reference symbols in specific order.