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The IGE+XAO Group launches the new version V4R3 of SEE Electrical Expert.

WillkommenNachrichten › The IGE+XAO Group launches the new version V4R3 of SEE Electrical Expert.

Hannover, Germany – April 24th, 2018

IGE+XAO is proud to unveil the new SEE Electrical Expert V4R3 at the Hannover Fair this yearThis new version opens up further possibilities in electrical installation productivity optimization during the design, manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance phases.

SEE Electrical Expert V4R3 improves communication between departments (mechanical, automation and electrical engineers) and facilitates collaboration thanks to:

–       a new Siemens Teamcenter interface which comes in addition to Smarteam and Solidworks PDM interfaces;

–       a new generic interface which simplifies integration of SEE Electrical Expert with 3rd party PDM/PLM/ERP packages (PTC-Windchill, ARAS, SAP, etc.)

–       support for AML (AutomationML) format data to import PLC configurations defined in new programming packages such as Siemens TIA Portal v14.

SEE Electrical Expert V4R3 enriches panel manufacturing data export with:

–       new communication interfaces with wire cutting/marking, drilling, milling machines;

–       new component label export functions for all popular marking solutions.

The version V4R3 also includes functional validation features which automatically generate Boolean equations, modelling electrical systems logical behavior with the view to exporting them to simulation software. These new features are totally integrated with the operative part simulation package Simac from Prosyst, a Group subsidiary.

New functional package bundles for SEE Electrical Expert V4R3 (Essential, Premium and Enterprise) have been created due to market response