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Customer testimonial - Chemdoc Water Technologies

With SEE Electrical Expert, Chemdoc Water Technologies accelerates its contribution to ever cleaner water! Local authorities and industrial companies have many things in common. One of them is water − a precious resource, gathering increasing attention with good reason. To allow its use and reuse, water must be imperatively filtered, purified and demineralized. This is […]

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Customer Testimonial - KBB

Discover the testimonial from Kempische BordenBouw (KBB) specialized in building electrical switchboards. KBB focuses on the added value of SEE Electrical 3D PANEL+ on their schematic program needs. They have chosen SEE Electrical as an essential daily tool to optimize and develop their business.

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The benefits of digitizing your Control Panel Projects - White Paper

Albeit seeming like simple products, control panels have a very complex value chain andare often unique thus making standardization very difficult. Panel builders are requiredto build panels that must sustain harsh environments and drive critical assets in their customer’s facilities. Additionally, control panel requirements impose a high level of specialization and versatility: they require electrical, […]

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Customer Testimonial - Lyngaa Marine

Yet another happy customer.Lyngaa Marine a Danish high-tech company that produces automation equipment for ships. In the video they tell why they have chosen IGE+XAO and how they have improved productivity while improving employee satisfaction

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Customer Testimonial - Applitech

Here is the testimonial from Applitech, a panel builder based in the Netherlands, about their use of SEE Electrical and 3D Panel+.Applitech highlights the usefulness of SEE Electrical and 3D Panel+ and its benefits for the company.Thank you to them for their investment and the #testimonial they recorded.

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