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Consolidated turnover for 2010/2011(in IFRS norms)

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Toulouse, 15th September 2011, the IGE+XAO Group announces:
Commendable growth
IGE+XAO experienced an acceleration in its activities over the 4th quarter 2010/2011, with turnover standing at 5,722,431 euros compared to 5,411,076 euros one year ago, which is an increase of 5.8%. Over the financial period, the Group had growth in turnover of 4.8% and reached 22,323,969 euros.

IGE+XAO has benefited from the good resistance of the activity and from profitability up sharply for the half-year to accelerate its operating plan in France as well as abroad.
As such, from a product standpoint, special attention has been devoted to the commercial launching of the new versions of the SEE Electrical V6 and SEE Electrical Expert V4 software.
In parallel, IGE+XAO decided to reinforce its positioning internationally by creating three new locations abroad. As such, the creation of a subsidiary in Turkey is currently under way and the opening of two sites is scheduled respectively in Russia and in South America in 2012.

Finally, the Group has a solid financial position. Indeed, at 31 January 2011, IGE+XAO had operating profitability of more than 20% and a flow of available cash of 18.8 million euros, allowing it to correctly pursue its objectives aiming for growth in the activity while still maintaining a high level of profitability.