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Consolidated turnover for 2015/2016 : Strong momentum in the 4th quarter

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Toulouse,  the IGE+XAO Group announces:

Consolidated turnover for 2015/2016 (in IFRS norms)

(Period from 1st August 2015 to 31 July 2016).


Strong momentum in the 4th quarter



In the 4th quarter, IGE+XAO has activity up 4%, as such closing out the financial year at 28,117,938 euros compared to 27,377,089 euros one year earlier.


From a commercial standpoint, the period was mainly marked by the dynamism, both nationally and internationally, in the sale and rental activities of licences for SME/SMI and major accounts. In parallel, IGE+XAO has intensified its actions in Asia and in Northern Europe.


The period was also intense concerning technical activity. The efforts deployed mainly concernedthe interoperability between the “SEE Electrical Expert” product and the PROSYST (“ODIL and SIMAC”) offering, the distribution of the new “3D Panel” software (design and manufacture of electrical cabinets in 3D) and the integration of the Group’s products with PLM “Product Lifecycle Management” leading software in the international market.


Finally, backed with its results and its solid fundamentals, and while still retaining its high level of profitability, IGE+XAO plans to intensify its international operations in 2017, with in particular the creation of two new subsidiaries in Asia.