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Sparking interest in electrical drawing software – IGE-XAO

IGE-XAO – cutting-edge electrical drawing software packages for the construction industry

Electrical drawing software has become an absolute must for many industries today. In particular, sectors such as the shipbuilding industry, manufacturing concerns, electric wiring harness makers and the construction and energy sectors need the kind of solutions that are supplied by IGE-XAO.

This company is headquartered in south-western France, but has a global presence with a network of distributors stretching across six continents. Its electrical drawing software solutions are vital ingredients in many companies’ efforts to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Lower costs
  • Cut production times

This kind of technology is particularly popular in the construction industry. Electrical CAD systems, also known as electrical drawing software, are commonly used to dimension technical calculations or in installation design. IGE-XAO’s dedicated solution in this field is called the SEE Calculation. Meanwhile, the SEE Electrical Installation CAD package SEE Electrical Installation is ideal for the designing of electrical installations for the residential market and larger-scale projects. This solution is user-friendly and reliable, as well as being child’s play to install and download. What’s more, this all in one solution can handle DXF, DWG and DXB formats.

IGE-XAO boasts 30 years’ experience in electrical drawing software and other CAD solutions

Companies that are at the forefront of hi-tech products such as electrical drawing software frequently don’t have that many years’ experience under their belts. IGE-XAO bucks this trend, with it being almost three decades since its foundation. It has steadily expanded operations from its French base and now has subsidiaries and sales offices all over the world, including China, Germany, Spain, Canada, Turkey and Brazil.

In addition to the production of electrical drawing software and a range of software packages focusing on electrical design, simulation, data management, system design and more, the firm also offers a range of industry services. These include consulting, learning, training and support services.

Keep up with the latest developments in electrical drawing software and the firm’s activities by checking out its news in the shape of press releases, press clippings, newsletters and upcoming events. If you want specific information about one of the company’s products or services, or would be interested in becoming a sales partner, the quickest way to get in touch is via the contact page on the corporate website.

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